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I had brought my 2007 polaris motor there in pieces to see if it could be rebuilt. I was told yes and given an estimate. We exceed the estimate, but that was expected b/c we found other issues along the way.

I paid for it in full, didnt ask for any discounts.

I get the machine home, go about 10 miles and it blows up again. IMMEDIATELY they (jay) denied it was them. He was 5 hours away and had not even looked at the machine yet. I get the machine to them and its a faulty intake manifold.

WHAT?? You just rebuilt it and replaced every other faulty part, you missed one and now its my fault! They did nothing to stand behind their work, they did not even offer to split the bill!

Then mysteriously a friend of the dealership calls out of the blue to see if i want to sell it as is. I am upset and frustrated so i sell the sled as is. 3 days later the sled is on craigslist with a "NEW MOTOR" from a dealer. I was husseled! BIG TIME TAKEN FOR A RIDE!

I would never ever recommend these guys, their services.

Review about: 2007 Polaris Motor Rebuilt.



1. Ronnie did let this happen. I wouldn't be here if they didn't let this happen. If they did their jobs I'd still have that sled and be posting positive comments like I always do with service providers who preform great service.

2. I didnt bring anyone into anything they were not involved in. Polaris professionals and sharp marine. You brought yourselves into this and aren't providing names. Your choice to comment here.

3. You don't know my story. You know their story. Did they tell you I delivered a sled to them as a favor.

- did they tell you they rebuilt a snowmobile motor in September and gave it a 30 day warranty. So what was that warranty worth? Nothing. Just like the service that I got after the issue. Junk.

- I'd be happy to tell people I challenged my payments and have posted my complaints about these companies bc they did not one thing to make the situation right.

- what I did is what anyone who felt screwed would do. They opted to do-nothing.

I sent them a letter through the bbb. Make it right and I will stop this and remove it. Until then people will know my story as long as these sites will leave it up.

I respect your attempt to help your friends, but they screwed me. .PERIOD!


For starters ...I braught that motor up to Oswego for you threw a third party as a favor...Never met you but wish I did a great job of dragging in a bunch of people for NO REASON...

I know the story and your deal... its crazy what you did and SO wrong..I am 350 miles away and bring my stuff to jay religiously..YOU ARE THE FRAUD...

I think you should enlighten the rest or the internet of what other baloney you pulled..Its a shame there are people like you that do these bad things..


I have been a customer of SHARPS MARINE for over 10 must be a disgruntled downstate ***..

Ronnie would beer let this happen...

WAAA WAAA.Go gripe about something else that is the truth are trying to ruin a reputable man....


I would strongly recommend you stay in New Jersey you wormy ***!


Nobody ever said that you reset the trip,but that's not to say that Jay didn't reset it,putting words in my mouth was a bit of a mistake you little worm and you are the one who put me in the middle,not me. I hope this thing is pursued!! See ya in the forge poser


1. The tripometer was never reset.

2. Sharps had the machine from Jan 2 2011 until feb 2011 to make good. That's more than enough time.

3. I will quote you from our discussion at DMV in old forge

" I bet jay ripped the boots when he put the motor in".

" ronnie would have handled this differently".

". If I were you I would fight the credit card charge to get my money back".

". I'll rebuild it myself after what they did to this sled already".

4. I would recommend you not get in the middle. When I pursue this further you might not want to get caught up.


I have been doing business with sharps Marine for a long time and I can tell all of you out their that there level of hoesty and integrity exceeds that of ANY other business that I have EVER done business with.Ron and Jay are both men of character, substance, honesty and integrity.

That's alot more than I can say about Bob Cherry and his BS.Dan


First of all,you didn't pay for it you contacted the credit card company and stopped payment (like a worm) without giving Jay the chance to make it right.The trip on the speedo said 112 miles not ten like you said.

It wasn't three days later that it was on ebay,it was over two weeks later that I decided to sell it after I rode it for the first time and realized that it had serious issues do to the way you obviously beat the *** out of it. The add never said the new motor came from a dealer,I am the one who put the motor together myself. You were not hustled big time like you said,but in fact you were the the one that took Sharps Marine for a ride.

Get your facts straight before running your mouth you wormy little poser!!!!Dan


Marvin, I'm going to make what i think is a safe assumption that you know someone at this shop.I did not rip the boots.

I paid them to rebuild the motor and I paid them to install EVERYTHING! I did nothing other than pay the bill. They had it for several months to "dial it in".

Bottom line.Poor work and no attempt to rectify.


Did you ever think YOU ripped the boots?That's another common problem..

you should have braught the sled up and have the mechanic dial it in so it was running foolishly saved always costs more.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #272290

Depending on the year of the sled, a small number of the 700 and 800 liberty motors had problems with that. Power valves cracking and then wiping out the motor. Sorry to hear you sold it.

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